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Water Softener

Improve the Water Quality and Nourish the Skin!

  • 좁은 공간에도 어울리는 컴팩트한 디자인

  • 야국 추출물이 함휴된 한방 PLUS 복합필터로 물속 잔류 염소 99% 제거

  • 간편한 재생 시스템

  • 필요에 따라 연수 /원수 전환 가능!

  • 재생주기 1박스/약2개월 연수능력 1회 재생시 160gal(300ppm 기준)

  • 제품크기 (W x H x D) 11.2 x 7.5 x 19.7 inch

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Keep Your Skin Soft Everyday with Coway’s Water Softener.


Ultra slim water softener

Do not hesitate to install a water softener due to small bathroom space.

Keep your skin moist every day!

Softens the skin by removing of residual chlorine from hard water.

1. Those who want softer skin.

2. Those with delicate skin such as babies.


Vitamin PLUS Complex Filter

Soften your skin with Vitamin PLUS complex filter.

Vitamin PLUS complex Filter

Cation Ion Exchange Resin

Simple regeneration process

Its easy-to-use regeneration process within 15 minutes

* Regeneration frequency may vary by water usage

1. Start regeneration process by turning the dial
2. Please press "Reset' button when its generation is done

Alternate between soft and tap water

Set the valve at soft water option for facial/body wash and

at tap water for laundry / other washing purposes.

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